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Our Platforms

Sorted House has been developed to work for sole traders and small businesses through to national companies and franchises.

For tradespeople on the move where your phone is your office we have apps available for both Apple and Android devices. Apps capable of managing your profile, portfolio, areas of work, current job offers and their status.

For those who prefer to mix it up you can manage your account through our web portal on a PC or laptop and just receive, view and respond to leads via email and SMS notifications.

If your company books its jobs through a support team we have you covered too. Our user friendly web portal and email notifications will ensure you never miss an opportunity.

We don't get paid until you do

Check if the service you offer is on our services list.

  • It’s completely subscription free With no minimum period or financial commitment
  • Choose when you quote Our leads come to you without obligation
  • Be seen and heard Reap the benefit of extra work via our advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Never miss a lead Leads are offered to you through our app, website, email and text
  • Nothing’s due until your doneSmall fixed fee only due when the job is complete

Our Services.

From Window Cleaning to Ironing, Oven Cleaning to Gardening, we offer our users a wide-range of services to make their life easier.

Even if they’re hit by an emergency leak or power problem, our network can be there to help. If you’re a qualified, experienced professional, check our list of services to see if you can enquire about joining our growing network today.

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Sorted House is completely subscription free, with no minimum period or financial commitment, giving you access to local job leads for your service.

Receive job leads

Our local leads come to you without obligation and there’s no charge just to speak to a customer, so you can fill your diary when it suits you.

Pay us when you get paid

You only pay us a small fixed fee when the job is complete and when you’ve been paid. It’s the fairest way - pay for work, not for leads.

Work with us.

Meet your new best work mate. Sorted House is the time-saving app that works hard for both you and our users. It puts professionals like yourself in touch with the tech-savvy, mobile-loving public. It generates leads for you, manages scheduling and leaves you to get the work done. Our easy-to-use system sends you a job lead based in the area that you cover. It’s entirely up to you if you take it on.

Why are we different? The problem we see in the market is that currently, to have an online presence, many tradespeople feel they should sign up to ratings services and directory lists. This can be as simple as advertising your company name and contact details or it can extend to paying for leads, in competition with others, in the hope that you will land the job. This potentially results in significant costs for tradespeople that unfortunately, in some way, end up adding to the price the customer must pay. In other words, cost of acquisition for each job can be relatively high.

At Sorted House, we believe you should only pay when we give you a job, not when we simply offer you a lead. We also believe that if we are good at what we do, we should be able to generate enough jobs so that we exist on these commission fees alone.

We only get paid when you do. We don’t tell you what to charge your customers. You are carrying out the service therefore it is you who dictates the final price. We believe it is only fair that we get paid when you have completed a job.

How we make our money. We don’t charge registration or subscription fees to tradespeople. We only take a fee once you have completed a job for a customer whose lead you accepted. There are no financial punishments for not accepting a lead or for not taking on a job once quoted. We give you a lead for a specific job and hope that customer will come back to you again for future work. If they do, we don’t ask for more – it’s your customer, we just made the introduction. We believe this is the fairest way.

How much do we charge? Our commission fees vary by type of service. For example, the commission fee for a window cleaning job is different to the commission fee on a plumbing job. Once you register as a tradesperson on our network, we will inform you of the fees for the services you offer before you begin to receive leads. No surprises further down the line.

See if your service is on our list and sign up today!